Aug 24, 2012

Party Provisions

I loved the segment yesterday on the Nate Berkus show, where Mary Giuliani showcased some great-looking spreads.

Although the segment didn't really go into it, the "salad rolls" in the picture on the right look like they're made from vietnamese roll sheets and a sharp knife. Also, I like the idea of serving soup in little shotglasses, although I'm not sure what was in the small glasses in the picture. Maybe vodka? (ha, ha)

I saw an idea for gazpacho in shot glasses for a party, and that sounds great except for where to have your guests drop them off when they're done.I found these cute cucumber edible containers on google images! (

I also like the idea of snacks in cute little spoons, but would probably want to put lettuce wraps in them (you might need the spoon to hold any runover sauce!)

Let me know what you think.