Jul 30, 2013

PF Chang's Flavors of Summer Challenge

I saw on FB that PF Chang's was having a contest using Pinterest and creating an Asian-inspired dish with summer ingredients, of which we were to choose at least five. I didn't have much time, but I threw together a noodle bowl inspired by Vietnamese restaurants I've been to. When I'm in Denver, there is a large Vietnamese community, and for years I've been going to restaurants there when I'm in town to get a noodle bowl. They taste fresh and flavorful, using fresh herbs and utilizing one of my favorite ingredients:  noodles!

When I'm in Los Angeles and order the noodle salad bowl, they tell me, "You know that's not soup, right?" Because out here, people usually order a Pho, or noodle soup bowl. Those are also delicious, but it's Summer and I wanted to make a cold noodle salad. I improvised on the sauce, and thought it came out nice.

I picked some flavorful ingredients on Pinterest, and created the following recipe:



Avocado - halved and scored into squares, squirt with lemon juice to maintain color
Cucumber - cut into bite size pieces
Carrots - bag cut small
Bell pepper, any color - cut small
Firm Tofu (optional, or meat) 
vermicelli pasta


1/2 lime - juiced
squirt of Sirrachi sauce
small squirt of Fish Sauce
1/6 cup seasoned Rice Vinegar
squirt of sweet chili sauce


Heat a large pot of water. Assemble the ingredients while water heats and pasta cooks.

Cook pasta according to directions. Pour into colander in the sink when finished and rinse with cold water to cool the noodles.

Cut tofu into 1/4 slices and fry or grill as desired. Cut each slice into smaller pieces to serve. Prepare a small sauce separately for each salad.

Have your family build their own salad according to their preferences, and pour the sauce over the top. Toss to coat the entire salad, and enjoy!