Apr 9, 2015

Corned Beef Reprised

One of the things I like best about any holiday is that usually there are sales on the seasonal meal ingredients, as stores compete for our purchases. I usually buy 2 corned beef packages when they go on sale, and freeze one for later.

So one day, a month or so later, we have another corned beef to pop into the crockpot! This year we had a bit left over, so I cooked up a corned beef hash. And it was SO good, and easy too!

Ok, part of the easiness is some new hash brown potatoes I found at Costco. I don't make hash browned potatoes that often, but when I do these are so easy and so good! Frozen would work also. Or shredding potatoes yourself, if you have the tools.

Add water and wait 12 minutes

You could easily add onions (I don't personally like them with eggs), red peppers, or any other vegetable you like. But here is my simple recipe:

Corned Beef Hash


Corned beef
packaged hash browns
4 eggs
salt and pepper to taste


Cook the hash browns until almost brown to your taste. Add the corned beef until it's heated up. Make four "wells" for the eggs and crack an egg into each depression. When the whites are looking white instead of translucent, flip them to cook the whites. Cook to your desired yolk consistency (longer cooking =harder yolks).

So simple! Hope you enjoy!

Corned beef hash with eggs over easy.