Oct 10, 2008

10 Top Restaurant Trends

I thought this was interesting:

1. Bite-sized desserts (yes, like at PF Chang's)
2. Locally grown produce
3. Organic produce
4. Small plates - tapas/mezze
5. Specialty sandwiches (not sure what this means)
6. Craft/artisan or microbrew beer (I don't think this is new)
7. Sustainable seafood (what?)
8. Grass-fed items (like beef?)
9. Energy drink cocktails (like Red Bull and vodka?)
10. Specialty salts (haven't seen this yet)

Source: National Restaurant Association: What's Hot and What's Not Survey, Oct 2007

There have been several books out lately advocating locally grown and organic foods, so it makes sense that restaurants are incorporating recent trends. Any others that you've noticed?

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